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Eth 2.0 is No More after Ethereum Foundation Ditches Name in Rebrand

Ken Griffin, the billionaire founder of Citadel Securities, says he backs Securities and Exchange

By Newsdesk

‘Green’ Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy doubles its fundraise Ahead of IPO

A firm from Australia that uses renewable energy to mine Bitcoin (among other businesses)

By Newsdesk
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SEC Approves Bitcoin ETFs, Facilitating Easier Access to the Largest Cryptocurrency

This initiative addresses concerns about the storage of actual bitcoins by giving investors a

By Sujima

Apple Expelled OKX, Kucoin, and Binance from the App Store in India

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, has been taken down by Apple

By Sujima

“The World Cannot Afford a ‘Crypto Mania'” – Warns RBI Chief

RBI Governor voices concern on Cryptocurrencies

By Sujima

Why is the demand for crypto professionals dropping?

Over the last two years, demand for cryptocurrency has gone through circles, with continuous

By Shagun Sharma

Bitcoin Network Transactions and Fees Surge Amid Investor De-risking

Investors are urgently sending Bitcoin into exchanges in order to either de-risk their portfolio

By Newsdesk

Analyst Claims that Exchanges Sell Your Bitcoin, Crypto Trading

A crypto analyst claimed that staking Bitcoin within exchanges allows them to sell it

By Newsdesk