Monero Avoids Crypto Market Rout, but XMR Price Still Risks 20%

Monero (XMR) has shown a surprising resilience against the United States Federal Reserve’s hawkish policies that pushed the prices of most of

By Newsdesk 6 Min Read
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Dogecoin forms Rounding Bottom on the Daily Chart, What Happens Next?

As sentiment flips risk-on against expectation, crypto markets are enjoying a period of buoyant activity. Cardano leads the large caps, up 31%

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‘Green’ Bitcoin Miner Iris Energy doubles its fundraise Ahead of IPO

A firm from Australia that uses renewable energy to mine Bitcoin (among

By Newsdesk

Dfinity’s ‘Internet Computer’ Token (ICP) Launches Straight into top 10 Cryptos

After five years in development, Dfinity Foundation has finally launched its highly

By Newsdesk

Crypto Report: Bitcoin Falls, Altcoins Extend Losses

Fear dominates the crypto market as BTC price trades near $30,000, but data suggests whales and momentum traders could be interested in

6 Min Read

Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) to Provide King Sized Returns

Ethereum's native token Ether (ETH) tumbled to its worst levels in almost two months against the U.S. dollar on May 6 as

6 Min Read
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Analyst Claims that Exchanges Sell Your Bitcoin, Crypto Trading

A crypto analyst claimed that staking Bitcoin within exchanges allows them to sell it

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Bulls are Largely Absent as the Total Crypto Market Cap Drops to $1.65T

The total crypto market capitalization has been trading within a descending channel for 24

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Utah Governor Approves of Blockchain and Digital Innovation Task Force

Some of the primary duties assigned to the task force involve making policy recommendations

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How to Avoid Front Runners on Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

Splitting the transaction into multiple smaller transactions, periodic auction matching, and adjusting the low

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Seven Times Bitcoin Miners Made the World a Better Place

A Bitcoin miner is heating his entire swimming pool so his kids can swim—all

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Binance Reportedly Halts Crypto Derivatives Service in Spain

Binance is expected to reintroduce the derivatives option only after receiving regulatory approval in

By Newsdesk